The world seems to be in shambles during this turmoil, and the world is struggling to deal with the covid19 pandemic. Fear, anxiety, confusion, and despair are the terrifying monsters lurking above all of us, trying to kill them.

Despite the demons’ terrifying presence, there seems to be a light of hope among the people. This ray of sunshine is visible in the form of a cheerful attitude shared by all of us.

Turning COVID Into an Opportunity

The anxiety that accompanied the COVID 19 lockdown affected a lot of us emotionally. The result was profound changes in our daily lives and unexpectedly negative outcomes. But, we can turn this situation into an opportunity. How?

First, this lockdown offers a unique opportunity for families to spend quality time together. Since everyone is home, all family members can enjoy more imaginative activities, such as baking, gardening, cooking, and drawing. Parents can spend time and play with their youngsters and take part in everyday activities, strengthening the bonds of family.

The second reason was that the lockdown allowed people to have more time than they could utilize to think creatively about taking better care of themselves or learn new skills or hobbies. Stress, worry, and losing hope are indicators of not being able to make the most of time. People can find a good equilibrium between exercise, sleep, leisure, online socializing, and relaxation.

The third reason is that confinement is an ideal opportunity to renew your interest and discover new talents. As the threat of getting the pandemic could be more deadly than the virus itself, we can make ourselves aware of how to handle stress and stigma. Therefore, we need to be mindful of diverse stress-related reactions.

Fourth, the lockdown offers the opportunity to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We can modify our way of life into healthier ones. For example, we can cultivate vegetables in our extra space at home. Because we don’t have the option of leaving the house, we can consume fresh fruits and veggies instead of the packaged stuff. This means it’s time to focus our efforts on things that can benefit our health and overall well-being.

Fifth, because knowledge is power and knowledge is power, the lockdown is an excellent opportunity to sit down and write. Every day, read for at least 30 minutes. You already have various products to ease your boredom in this short amount of time.

Finally, this adversity allows for the development of resiliency. We’ve been through a lot as a couple. It began with severe earthquakes that claimed the lives and livelihoods of our inhabitants, then escalated to African Swine Disease (ASF). This pandemic virus is followed by landslides, torrential rains, and earthquakes. This Pandemic COVID 19 isn’t over, and the quake has returned to terrify us!


It’s good to know that people have realized this, and nowadays, they get their news from multiple reliable sources. The result is that newspapers are closing, and users are turning to stream to “cut off the line” for what they would like to view. What are your options now? Infections, hospitalizations, and deaths seem to be declining. Medical experts believe that we’ll be back to normal by the fall, whatever that means. It would help if you did what you think is right. Utilize common knowledge. Gather as much information feasible from various sources.

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